The New Standard of Tuning Drums

Simple, Effectiv and Beautiful

TuneSpring captivates through its simplicity.
The secret ingredient is a solid but high-precision spring that is build into every lug.
If you start tuning up your drums like you are used to you will notice that the springs are starting to compress.
They do that because they are exactly mirroring the tension of the head.
The scale allows you to read, compare and adjust the tension quickly to your benefit. Done.
No excuses - you are now the owner of your sound!



Find Your Sound - Reproduce it - Everytime

With TuneSpring it has never been easier to tune a drumhead perfectly equal.
All you need to do is setting the spring tension to the same value on every lug.
But not only that: TuneSpring allows you every artistic freedom in finding your individual sound.
In fact it makes experimenting fruitful for the first time.
Discover the sounds your drum has to offer!

Fast & Reliable

Time is money. Having no time causes stress.
Imagine yourself being in a expensivly booked studio trying hard to get a good sound to finally start recording.
That was yesterday...
Walk in, set up the kit, bring the heads to your premeditated tension and in no time you can focus fully on the main thing:
Laying down some amazing grooves!


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